10 rules for success: Serena Williams

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10 rules for success: Serena Williams

Video blogger Evan Carmichael has compiled ten tips by Serena Williams on how to succeed.

1. Choose a goal.

“I always said that since childhood my goal was to win the US Open. Everyone knows that, but what you don’t know, I really wanted to win Wimbledon. At first, Venus said that she would become the champion of Wimbledon. I also said that I want to win it was this tournament, and my dad told me: “Serena, stop repeating after my sister!” (laughs). So my goal was to become the US Open champion. ”

2. Never give up.

“When I was a child, our family was not the richest. All I had was a ball, a racket and hope. Therefore, I would like to inspire everyone: do what you want, try to do as well as you can Because you never know what this will lead to and whom you yourself can inspire. “

3. Keep calm.

“I never had a specific number in my head, like, I want to win 21 Helmets or something like that. At the moment I perceive every match and every victory as a bonus, I can’t lose anything, but I can only gain. This attitude helps me stay calm and just enjoy the place and city where I come to perform. “

4. Believe in yourself.

“I would like to say this to everyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you are old or young, you can achieve everything if you think so. I always tell myself that if I was able to achieve this, then everyone can. And this does not concern only sports, it can be education or business. Discipline is important, dedication is important, but there is nothing more important than self-confidence. Perhaps no one believes in you, so sometimes you have to be your most important fan. “

5. Always strive to improve something.

“Painful lesions help to clearly see what I still have to work on, I immediately understand, yeah, I can improve this, I need to work on this. That’s how I got better.”

6. Surround yourself with a positive.

“At one time, when I was recovering from injuries, I didn’t think that I was able to return to the court, perform again at a professional level. Injuries can cause psychological damage more than physical. But I have a great team, my mom and dad were nearby, “My coach, my sisters and they all created such a positive atmosphere. It made me feel much better.”

7. Feel the thirst for victory.

“I don’t have any number of titles in my head, I’m just coming to the tournament and I think I want to win these competitions, I want to get this title.”

8. Do not get ahead of yourself.

“I approach each tournament with one mindset: I don’t think beyond one match. When I compete, this is a specific game in my mind. I concentrate on how I can win today without running into the future, without thinking what me to do tomorrow. “

9. Be ready psychologically.

“Anyone can create a physical form. Everyone can go to the gym, train and go to the peak of their form, but I believe that success in tennis is 60% dependent on how strong you are in the mental aspect.”

10. Train. Train a lot.

“I never felt that I would be great. Daily training for 30 years is hard. I know that so many people around me work to beat me. Every morning I wake up and go to train. Yes, my body hurts, but this is the life that I have chosen. “

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