The greatest superstitions in tennis!

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The greatest superstitions in tennis!

When you play singles tennis competition you are matching yourself up against the person across from you — and nothing else matters. Tennis is as mental as it is physical so it doesn’t surprise us to hear they are a superstitious bunch. Listed below are some of the strangest superstitions of the top stars of tennis!

Rafael Nadal

Topping our chart is the Spanish Bull from Majorca as the 19-time Grand Slam champion has an obsession with his routines. The World No. 1 takes a cold shower on every occasion when he is about to play a match. He conscientiously places his pair of water bottles – one chilled, one at room temperature – right next to each other on the ground, in front and the left, to the left of his chair – with the brand name facing in exactly the same direction.

Throughout the bout, time and again he drinks from one bottle, followed by the other, but never with the same bottle twice in succession. What is weird is the fact that nobody else can touch them and it is not something that is limited to change of ends.

That’s not all from the Nadal’s desk as he carries out an exacting ritual before each point as he touches his ears, his nose, his shoulders and the front and back of his shorts in a specific order and after the conclusion of each point, he towels his face and the left arm. The 10-time French Open holder wears his socks so that the logos on the socks are facing in an exact position.

Before warming up, he goes out on the court and sweeps it with his feet along the baseline and the service line (even if it is a hard court). The King of Clay makes certain that his headband is pulled out of his kitbag an hour before any match begins, but he doesn’t put it on until just before he takes to the court.

Even though the man who has claimed more than 75 titles on the ATP tour scampers all over the lines, while the ball is in play, he is deathlike scared to put his footsteps on the lines after the point gets over. In addition, he is constantly stepping in front of the line with his right foot first.

Serena Williams

We’d need about a billion college loans to have the kind of money that Serena has. With that being said, perhaps Serena’s success comes from her superstitious attitude. Whenever Serena is on a winning streak she’ll keep the same socks on without changing or washing them! That’s actually pretty gross.

Roger Federer

Federer is one of the biggest names in tennis and one of the most successful players of all time. He is also a passionate believer in the ‘power of eight’. Everything that Feder does has to be done in an eight count fashion. Eight bottles of water, eight rubs to the face with his towel, eight different rackets in his bag. We’re starting to think these people are crazy!

Novak Djokovic

Djokovic may have an intimidating serve but he is a softy off of the clay. In order for Djokovic to feel comfortable about his game he has to have his little poodle, Pierre, on the trip with him. Apparently Pierre is a good luck charm because Djokovic’s success is hard to argue against! Djokovic is also almost a legend for his pre-serve routine. Djokovic has to bounce the ball a ton of times before every single serve. His record, according to Djokovic, is 38 bounces before a serve while competing in the Davis Cup.

Maria Sharapova

Sharapova is one of the most famous female tennis players to ever grace the court but she is exhausting to watch play. Sharapova never likes to stand on the lines of the court. She also has to turn her back to her opponent and fuss with the strings of her racket before every serve. Sharapova also likes to walk to the baseline, bounce the ball, and play with her hair before actually putting the ball in the air and serving. Whew, we are exhausted just reading through her whole routine.

So keep playing tennis and don’t be afraid to seem like one of these superstars!

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