How to avoid injuries in tennis?

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How to avoid injuries in tennis?

At the beginning of the 20th century, tennis was considered a game of aristocrats. Now almost anyone can play it. Recently, more and more fans have come to the courts just to enjoy this game. Tennis is a very dynamic sport. In order for classes to bring only positive emotions, players must follow certain rules on the court.

During the game, tennis players quickly move around the court, make jumps, abrupt accelerations and stops, strike with a racket on the ball. All of this can result in personal injury. Especially often, players suffer joints. The right choice of places for the game, equipment and preliminary training will help to avoid this.

The choice of court

Experts recommend that novice players conduct classes on sites with a dirt (summer) or wooden (winter) surface. Both of these materials absorb well and significantly reduce the load on the joints of the legs. Hard coatings are much more traumatic, so they are more suitable for experienced players who have sufficiently mastered the technique of the game. It is not recommended to change the coating frequently. It’s difficult for a player to quickly adapt to new courts, which can cause pain in the periosteum.


This item should be comfortable. As a rule, beginner tennis players are recommended to use a racket with a large head and a short handle. The thickness of the rim and the material of the strings at the initial stage do not matter much. The main thing is that the racket is balanced. In this case, the load on the elbow and wrist joints is significantly reduced during impacts on the ball.


Tennis clothes should be comfortable, absorb moisture well, but at the same time give the body the opportunity to breathe. Sneakers should fix the foot well, have a sufficiently rigid sole and good grip.

Warm up

Amateurs who consider themselves already quite experienced are often dismissive of the workout. Such an approach can lead to various injuries: dislocations, tears, sprains. Before a game or training, you need to warm up your muscles and stretch your joints. Warm up should start with a short run, then perform exercises to improve joint mobility and various types of stretch marks. Finishing a warm-up is best done with movements that simulate blows and movements on the court.

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