Super-diet "3rd set"

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Super-diet "3rd set"

Tennis is strength and power, but you need stamina to win. Scientists believe – these three products are leading in the list of stamina boosters. How does it work and how to include them in your daily diet?

Beetroot juice

This burgundy vegetable juice will increase stamina better than any dietary supplement. The main thing is that in beets there is a salt of nitric acid, which improves blood flowing and reduces oxygen consumption, due to which training becomes less debilitating.

Try it: get a juicer and enjoy vitamin drinks. You can buy fresh beets all year, and although it is sweet in itself, it is tastier to squeeze the juice together with an apple or, for example, carrots.

Proof: The Journal of Applied Physiology published a research according to which bicyclists who drank two glasses of beetroot juice daily for six days, trained on the track an average of 16% longer than athletes who consumed a placebo drink.

Fish oil

Omega-3 improves the functioning of the brain, heart and skin condition, but, in addition, it can seriously reduce fatigue. According to studies and researches, fish oil improves the supply of oxygen to the muscles, thereby increasing aerobic ability and endurance.

Try it: Start a daily fish oil preparation, anyone you can find at the pharmacy. For example, Omega-3 Acsenta fish oil. The manufacturer guarantees that the content of Omega-3 exactly matches the amount indicated on the label, and that the product doesn’t contain heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc.).

Proof: Australian scientists tested fish oil against olive oil for top athletes for 8 weeks. In those taking fish oil, the maximum and average heart rate was lower, and the body’s oxygen consumption was minimal.


Do you want a hearty breakfast where you can stretch the stubborn third set? Try lentils soup or salad. According to scientists, legumes products perfectly increase stamina. Their low glycemic index leads to improved blood sugar and insulin control, while at the same time restraining the level of lactic acid that forms in the muscles and causes fatigue.

Try it: Soup gives more space for imagination, and with salad everything is simple: for quick and nutritious transformation and for cooking lentils, for spraying with balsamic vinegar and for mixing with a salad leaf for your choice.

Proof: Sydney scientists made experiments: they compared the number of different foods with the same amount of carbohydrates: potatoes, lentils and regular sugar with water. The result of lentils + 20 minutes to endurance!

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