It was 20 years ago in Miami that the rivalry between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal first started. It went on to become one of the greatest rivalries in tennis history, and Carlos Alcaraz is hoping he can be a part of something similar. The world No. 2 has spoken about what he learned from the Federer v Nadal rivalry and whether he could have the same with Jannik Sinner.

They recently faced off at Indian Wells with Alcaraz snapping the 19-0 streak of the Italian dating back to the Davis Cup last season in a highly anticipated clash which was delayed by the rain for the most part. But with both currently firing on all cylinders, it could be one that continues to grow and develop in the vein that Alcaraz wants it to in the coming months and years.

Carlos Alcaraz hopes that he and Jannik Sinner will push each other in the same way as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal did at the height of their rivalry.

It was a rivalry that will live long in the memory, and one that has resonated with Alcaraz.

“They have had a very nice and demanding rivalry at the same time,” said the world No. 2.

“What I’ve learned from this rivalry is that you can never fall behind or give up or settle. You always have to improve, you always have to raise your level. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re at your maximum level, that you can’t give more, you can always give a little more.

“That’s what they’ve shown for so many years that they’ve been up there. Every time they lost to each other, they tried to be better to win the next time. And they’ve done that for a long time, which is something incredible and something to admire.

“Right now, the way people look at it, it could be with Jannik. Hopefully both Jannik and I have a long and beautiful future ahead of us. That way I hope that I can give my best level and continue growing thanks to him while I see the level he is having.”

The two young rivals have faced each other on nine previous occasions, with Alcaraz winning five times and Sinner claiming victory in the other four matches. The next chapter may be written later this week if both players make it to the final of the Miami Open, a tournament Alcaraz has won once before in 2022.

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